Blonde Ale
(ABV 4.4%) (IBU 17.05)
A simple, light, straw-coloured beer, clean and crisp to the taste with a dry finish. Low on bitterness, so it will appeal to the ladies and men that do not like the more bitter, hoppy offerings. Light and refreshing, easy drinking.

Weiss Beer

(ABV 4.8%) (IBU 13.7)
This wheat based beer means “White Beer” It has a yellowish cloudy tinge and characteristic clove and banana flavour. A mildly hopped beer with a creamy head, very tasty and refreshing with a light spritzy finish.

Irish Red Ale

(ABV 4.5%) (IBU 24.5)
A beer with a deep reddish hue. Low to moderate hop flavour. Pleasant toasted malt and caramel flavour that has a dry finish. Hops and malt are not overpowering, a beer with well-rounded flavours making it an easy drinking beer.

India Pale Ale

(ABV 5.0%) (IBU 32.3)
A well-hopped brew with a deeply coloured copper/amber look. Known for various taste notes such as citrus, fruitiness, earthy, woody and spicy. More bitter than Blonde with a strong aroma of hops. This is a style that is quickly growing in appreciation.

Tiddly Tortoise

(ABV 4.5%) (IBU 31.52)                
An American Pale Ale style of beer with a strong hoppy flavour showing a citrusy American hop taste. Medium on bitterness with a slightly dry finish. Refreshing and hoppy, with sufficient supporting malt.


(ABV 4.5%) (IBU 24.05)                                  
A rich dark brown beer with a creamy head. The malty    mouth feel is highlighted with notes of chocolate and undertones of a roasted caramel, coffee and liquorice flavour. Medium low bitterness and slightly malty